How to win the screen game
in your establishment

In the world of sports entertainment, where every play and score is a shared thrill, the strategic placement and number of screens can make or break the customer experience. Every business is unique, with its own quirks in layout and space. However, to ensure that every patron is part of the collective excitement, aiming for visibility of 3 to 5 TVs from any seat is a solid strategy. That way they can glance in any direction and catch three different games or angles without ever feeling left out of the action.

Going for more coverage is also an option. If your business can accommodate viewing six screens per seat, you’re ensuring a barrage of entertainment that keeps customers glued to their seats. Such abundance might seem excessive, but it’s a surefire way to increase length of stay, and increase food & beverage sales while increasing overall customer engagement.

Of course, placement is just as crucial as quantity. Picture a busy Sunday afternoon where an NFL fan can keep up with several games at once on NFL Sunday Ticket just by watching the screens perched at standing eye level, offering an unobstructed view. Corners are often overlooked, but they’re strategic assets that offer wide visibility and make every seat the best in the house.

But the ultimate sports viewing experience is about more than just screens. You need to take into account comfort, connectivity, great bartending, a diverse beer menu, and shareable snacks. These essentials complete the experience, and have the power to turn a simple outing into an event. Remember, it’s not just about watching the game; it’s about creating an atmosphere where every patron feels like they’re part of something bigger.