Win over casual fans with a mix of entertainment

Attracting casual sports fans to your business requires a blend of creativity and an understanding that enjoyment extends beyond the game itself. Transforming your business into a hub of diverse entertainment, can make a huge difference in your customer mix.  Offering a mix of sports entertainment itself, with a product that appeals to multiple fan bases like Peacock Sports Pass is a way to cater to a mix of fans.

Gamify your business

Engaging activities like watch parties, game nights and sports trivia contests can engage customers during different dayparts. These also appeal to various age groups and interests and ensure that your business remains lively, even on days when there are no major sports events.

Live events

Live entertainment is another key strategy. Incorporating local bands or performers adds a unique flair to your business, attracting patrons who might not typically consider you for their night out. Additionally, hosting autograph sessions with beloved local sports figures can create unforgettable experiences for die-hard and casual fans alike, turning businesses into landmarks.

LTOs (And not just for food)

Embrace the power of limited-time offers (LTOs) and loyalty programs to spice up your business and keep patrons coming back. You already know that specials on appetizers or exclusive themed drinks encourage guests to spend more time and money, boosting your profits. But you don’t have to stop there. Organizing raffles for sports memorabilia, like a jersey from a local star, can amplify excitement and engagement. Each food or drink purchase becomes a ticket to win, merging the thrill of the game with the anticipation of the draw.

By diversifying your offerings and creating a dynamic, inclusive atmosphere, your business can become the go-to spot for not just sports enthusiasts but anyone looking for a great time.